Published Illustrations

Print Publication for August/September 2017 issue © The Progressive Magazine


Bull Moose Voters Super Pac Website Header

Web Publication for The Bull Moose Voters Super Pac ©  Bull Moose Voters Super Pac


Cover design and illustration for Adventure Map Travels: Golden Gate Park.      Completed Cover for "Generations of War: A Family's History of World War II."

Cover Illustration for Adventure Map Travels: San Francisco Golden Gate Park                     Cover Illustration for Generations of War: A Family’s History of WWII                                  by Julie G. Chapman, ©Saturday Road Publishing  LLC                                                         by Brian Tucker, © Brian Tucker


Two stars of the adult film industry.      Illustration of an open casket with no body inside.

Spot Illustration, The Recognition Scene,  If You Seek Amy/ Issue 2/ 2.2013                          Spot Illustration, The Science of Heaven, Right Around The Corner/ Issue 3/ 3.2013        telling logo ©                                                                                              telling logo ©


Illustration for of the story "Prodigal."      Psychologist counseling a credit card.

Web Publication, Prodigal, Crime/ Issue 4/ 4.2013                                                                             Web Illustration, Credit Counseling                                                                  telling logo ©                                                                                                logo ©


Illustration of an empty pggy bank.     Illustration of a man struggling to hold onto both cash and credit.

Website Illustration, Bankruptcy                                                                                                         Website Illustration, Debt Settlement Options,                                                   freedom debt relief logo ©Freedom Debt Relief                                                                                freedom debt relief logo ©Freedom Debt Relief 

Illustration of a woman reading a cookbook on how to consolodate debt.      Illustration of a tourist looking a debt guide to navigate through buildings of credit cards.

Website Illustration, Loan Consolidation                                                                                          Website Illustration, Debt Relief Guide                                              logo ©                                                                                                      freedom debt relief logo ©Freedom Debt Relief