Fine Art

Below you will find a new body of work that I have very recently just begun.   These ideas are still so fresh it is difficult to nail them down into words at this point but here are my thoughts without any editing.  I have personified myself onto the dead insects that I find as I identify with the predicaments I imagine that may have ended their lives.  I am the half-eaten silver moth caught in the spider’s web just as much as I am the widow skimmer dragonfly sunning itself on a flower petal.  I have an affinity for these tiny creatures because of their simultaneous fragility and strength to survive despite what lurks just beneath the surface.


Tattered Widow Skimmer






View my artist statement for a more in-depth understanding of the work below.

Photogravure of Sculpture Creatures

Photogravure, The Waiting Room



Photogravure Hand-Made Book, I was Hurt





Sculpture,  A Progression




Ink, Right Prosthetic Skematic for Venus de Milo



Sculpture of Venus' prosthetic right arm.

Sculpture, Venus’ Prosthetic Right Arm


Venus with arms

“The Reconstruction”


Short Films by Amanda Boehm-Garcia in conjunction with Flunkie Films.

Film Still from Venus de Kukje

Venus de Kukje   



Barbie dolls playing

Play Ability