“Amanda is a wonderful illustrator: inventive with concept but able to take direction and complement an accompanying piece of work (ie, feature stories or articles) with her own.  She is easy to work with, never struggles to meet deadlines, and creates consistently fantastic illustrations.  She comes most highly recommended.

– Mitra Parineh

Writer, Creative Director, Editor


“Amanda is a very talented illustrator.  Her attention to detail is admirable.  She read my manuscript closely and incorporated even the smallest details in her illustrations.  She also sent me stages of her work in progress.  I highly recommend Amanda for your project.”

– Maria Bohrer

Children’s Book Author 



“I met Amanda when she answered an advertisement I had placed with the San Francisco Art Institute.  I was looking for an art student to design the cover of my children’s book.  We started corresponding via email.  It didn’t take her long to understand what I was looking for without me even knowing exactly what I wanted.  She captured the essence of the story in her design.  She was easy to work with and went over and above to make sure I had everything I needed for the printer.  I highly recommend Amanda as an art designer and a contentious worker.”

-Julie Chapman




“One of the greatest pleasures I’ve had in my life as a writer was to see how Amanda Boehm-Garcia translated my story, “Prodigal,” into an illustration for TELLING.  It is a piece of art which I cherish deeply.  It is a rare thing for a writer to see their vision, which is so vivid to them but sometimes so difficult to convey to others, represented so beautifully and accurately, down to the very colors used.  My story is about a young writer returning to the farm he is trying to write about, and Amanda understood the subtleties of this story perfectly: in her illustration, the writer is turning the page of a massive book upon which is drawn the image of his farm, so that it seems as if he is literally stepping into his story.  The writer is colorless, but his world is vibrant.  This is precisely what I was trying to convey in my story, and I’m still astounded at Amanda’s ability to bring my writing into focus in one image.”

-Austin Smith

Author, Poet


“Simply put- Amanda was extremely adept at guiding me, a first-time author, through the process of creating the cover illustration for my book “Generations of War: A Family’s History of World War II.”  She quickly grasped the essence of the writing project and visually rendered key elements from the book into an aesthetic and compelling set of images.  I was amazed by and quite pleased with her creative and timely finished product.”

       -Brian Tucker